P.R is at the heart of what we do. We consider it an integral part of any brand strategy with a key objective of communicating key messages that influence opinion, changing behaviour and helping stakeholders foster a positive mindset about your brand (personal or business).

We support founders and startups in establishing reputable brands and connecting with stakeholders, the media and the general public through storytelling, media relations and reputation management.

Storytelling lies at the core of our strategy for shaping narratives; our ambition is to fill the gaps created in the media by creating a solution that gives our clients the opportunity to tell genuine, unfiltered stories that people can connect with.

With the media relations experts, storytellers and seasoned journalists in our network, we understand what makes a good story and know how to build positive reputations and lasting relationships with the press to aid our PR efforts for clients.

Media Relations: The Media plays a vital role in helping technology founders and startups convey relevant and important information to the general public. The media helps to generate interest, excitement and awareness when startups need to make a product, partnership, or funding announcement.

We understand that Media Relations is a powerful tool, and by utilizing it properly, we are able to support startups in reaching a wider audience. Our strategy is hinged on developing and nurturing relationships with editors, journalists and writers of reputable media outlets and we continue to foster them to the advantage of our clients. Some of our clients have secure coverage in top-tier publications such as Forbes, BBC, Disrupt Africa, Paymnts, Quartz, TechPoint, and TechCabal, amongst others.

Reputation Management: We understand that a good reputation is one of the most valuable assets that a brand can own and this is why we work with clients to establish and maintain a favourable and positive brand image for their brands and products.

We are skilled and experienced in reputation management (opportunities and challenges), and we work hard to develop processes needed to protect and improve our clients’ brand reputations.

An inspiring, recognizable and loved brand is a valuable asset any person or organization can ever own. Our duty is to get your audience to understand the true purpose of your brand as a founder or a startup.

Through guided brand discovery sessions, we take our clients through an in-depth process of understanding, creating and reinforcing their brand identities; integrating their personalities into their branding and business strategies; purpose, and positioning. Getting clear on the purpose, goals, strategy and messaging behind the brands we work with is a solid foundation for any client or project we embark on.

Effective communication lies at the heart of successful business operations and stakeholder management. We provide support in developing and executing communications strategies that can help create trust, build empathy, and drive knowledge and understanding of a brand, product or service.

If you need to say something or you hit a problem, our job is to advise what to say, how to say it and when. Our crisis intervention can help you navigate through negative press and situations.

Writing and distributing press releases doesn’t have to be a hassle, we have access to talented writers and media contacts locally and internationally who get the job done without excuses.

We make voices heard and articulate passion and purpose
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